The BEST Year of My Life #MoreThingsIveNeverDoneBefore

Y’all, I’m in a funk. I’m in full on mourning over the passing of 2018. Such. A. Damn. Good. Year. I miss it already. To quote the great Taylor Swift:

“Most fun I’ve ever had, and I’d do it over and over and over again if I could. It just felt so good.”

Thank you, 2018. I will miss you. And hello, 2019!!!!

Most years I do resolutions. And I keep them, because I’m the kind of person who keeps resolutions. But I’ve decided to do things a little bit differently. I’m on a roll with doing things differently, and I think it suits me. So this year, I’ve got a list. #morethingsiveneverdonebefore

For whole year!!!

2019: The List

  • Keep up the workout routine

  • See more concerts! ( I’ve got tickets to P!NK, Train/GooGoo Dolls, Metallica, Elton John and KISS - let me know who else I need to see!!)

  • Take a trip to Vegas to see Lady GaGa. Or Gwen! Or Both!!!!

  • Travel back to Harlaxton College with my college friends

  • Take the boys on a spring break trip

  • Get a CCW

  • Take a solo vacation

  • Dance more

  • Get back into singing

And I’ve got a few leftovers from the month of things I’ve never done before that are TOTALLY going down in 2019:

  • Do the bourbon trail

  • Read Harry Potter

  • Do the Butler County donut trail

  • Take pole dancing lessons

Wanna join me? Add to my list? Come on. Let’s play.

2019? It’s so on.

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